Offset or eliminate the electricity cost for your business








Use savings from solar to help fund your company’s growth

With the rising cost of electricity year after year, it can be hard to budget for the future. Solar is a great solution to lock in your rate and produce your own power. Commercial building owners can have the peace of mind knowing their electricity costs are under control, and the 30% Federal Tax Credit can help lower the cost of going solar.

San Francisco Certified Installer

Ilum Solar is a certified Go Solar SF solar power installer, which allows us to give San Francisco Solar customers with rebates ranging from $750 to $10,000 per meter, plus the 30% Federal Rebate.

Leaders in construction and management

Our team of highly skilled project managers and field technicians work hand in hand in order to bring a project to life. We know communication is key and by working directly with us we are able to successfully complete projects on time and on budget.

Solar energy tailored to your needs

The size of the building, type of business, and rate schedule are all factors when we evaluate the energy needs of our client. Our dedicated design and engineering team can customize the system to your needs and make any necessary changes immediately.